Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter HTS 2600 MKII with Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.1 Surge suppressor – 109033

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Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter
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Patented Monster Clean Power Circuitry Removes Pollution From Your AC Power for Improved Picture and Sound Audiophiles have known for years that the power coming through the AC line is full of interference and line disturbances that degrade audio reproduction. Dirty power is also caused by radiated high frequency signals, such as those coming from broadcast stations, or even your own video and digital components. You only have to see the interference from a motor or hairdryer to see and hear its effects. With today’s digital circuitry and especially with digital video, polluted AC power can cause poor quality sound and picture. The detrimental effects of dirty power cannot be removed by ordinary surge protectors. Monster Patented Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.1 Filters, for Better Picture & Sound Patented Monster Clean Power filter circuitry virtually stops most electrical line noise that goes right through ordinary surge protectors, and Stage 2 v.2.1 also prevents noise generated by one ho…

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