Fairways: America’s Greatest Golf Resorts

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A lavish coffee-table book, Fairways provides an unprecedented blend of information and inspiration with over 500 full-color images to capture the scenic, varied landscapes and stunning interiors of America’s most prestigious golf resorts. One hundred golf resorts were selected and rated by the world’s leading golf travel writers. The challenge and beauty of the course, and the lodging, cuisine and amenities offered by the resort are scrutinized. Travel writers known for their discriminating taste and love of golf each take a region of the United States. They transport the reader onto the greens, into the spa, and out of the day-to-day routine that golf resorts help us escape. Fairways is a must-have for all who love the search for the ultimate golf experience. And it’s an absolute necessity for the non-golfers that accompany them. More than a book about golf, Fairways captures the whole resort experience and provides an unparalleled tool to plan a first – or fiftieth – golfing excursion.

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