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Suck UK Cat Scratch

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tittleHOT DEAL! HURRY UP! Never let it be said SUCK UK don’t dabble in science. In the name of completely misunderstanding Schrödinger’s work we introduce our newest cat/box combination, the scratch mat. Cats scratch furniture to mark their territory, exercise their muscles and for sheer pleasure. All similar reasons youths mix music, and if we are to cross over both those cultures we’d rather get cats mixing music than teenage boys bringing bedraggled birds back to your doorstep. The decks come flat packed and fold together into a simple structure with poseable tone arm and a top which spins as your cat paws at it meaning you can sit and giggle in a ‘LOOK THE CAT IS DOING HUMAN THINGS’ way rather than watch in horror as she shreds your favourite couch into tiny pieces.

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